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For over 23 years we have been developing and producing innovative concrete additives.

1998 Development and start of production of IR-1 concrete admixture to obtain waterproof concrete

2000 Development and commencement of commercial production of the EXTRA concrete additive to increase the strength of concrete and accelerate the development of strength

2006 Development and start of industrial production of an additive for increasing the water resistance of concrete D-5

and additives to increase the strength of concrete D-11

2012 Development of an improved modification of the D5 additive, which combined the best properties of the previous D-5 and D-11 additives

2017 Start of export deliveries of D5 additive to South Korea, Kazakhstan and New Zealand


environmentally friendly components in production;

production technologies that maximally preserve the beneficial properties of the ingredients used;

a wide range of products with a variety of properties and aromas;

safety and effectiveness of cosmetics.

All products of “Leto Cosmetics” have passed the relevant tests, there are certificates of conformity of the EAEU


Our products are already presented on the international electronic trading platforms Ebay and Wildberries and are successful not only with buyers from Russia, but also the USA, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.


Start of deliveries of D-5 additive to Azerbaijan

The innovative additive D-5 is a complex multifunctional additive that significantly improves almost all the basic properties of concretes and mortars.

Its most important property is the production of waterproof (W20 and more) and sulfate-resistant concretes that can last for a long time (at least 50 years) be operated in water-saturated soils or directly in water without the use of any additional waterproofing, including in sea water and other aggressive environments.

High water resistance and sulfate resistance of D5 concrete are preserved for the entire service life of the structure.

In addition, the D-5 additive practically doubles the strength of concrete and increases the strength of concrete at the age of 28 days by 30-50% compared to concrete without additives, and also increases the frost resistance of concrete to F400 and more. At the same time, it plasticizes

concrete mix and prevents its stratification. When using D-5, there is no need for plasticizers. Concretes with D-5 have a unique property of “self-healing” through cracks, which ensures the impermeability of “cold” joints during breaks in concreting.

Since 2006, the D-5 additive has been produced at our enterprise and is widely used in the construction of hydraulic structures, tunnels, bridges, port facilities, swimming pools, drinking water tanks, treatment facilities, underground parking lots, foundations for various purposes, and in other critical structures. The D-5 additive is developed on the basis of environmentally friendly natural materials and does not contain components that negatively affect the environment and humans; it is approved for the manufacture of concrete and reinforced concrete structures in contact with drinking water.

The D-5 additive is competitive in the world market both in quality and in price. Since 2017, the D-5 additive has been supplied to countries such as South Korea, New Zealand, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

For more information visit our website https://d5-tokar.ru/

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