Film wall-mounted household electric heaters
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We’ve been producing film heaters for over 27 years. The main equipment and technology were developed by company engineers. Our film heaters have many quality awards. The company pays great attention to the quality and safety of products. Only reliable and environmentally friendly materials are used in our production. In 2018, the company built an independent factory for the production of film heaters. Our electric domestic wall heater (NEBN-0,7/220-01) is designed for local heating of domestic and residential premises. It is produced under the registered TM “Velvet Season,” in 2020 the international TM “World Of Warmth” was registered (confirmed in the EU and Turkey).

The unique technology allows to create heating devices with a thickness of 120 microns, while solving the problem of interfacing materials with different coefficient of thermal expansion. It has mild thermal radiation, which can be compared with solar heat. It heats the floor, walls, windows, as well as people and objects in the room. The heat of the Velvet Season does not dry the air and does not absorb oxygen. Due to low consumption power, low intrinsic mass and large heat transfer surface, it reduces the cost of power consumption by 15-35% compared to traditional heaters. It is not afraid of damp and cannot be a source of fire and burns, since the surface temperature does not exceed 65 ° C with a burn threshold of 70 ° C. Entering the operating mode 10 seconds after inclusion in the network.

A wide range of design allows to organically fit the Velvet Season into any interior, and its dimensions and temperature – to reduce the loss of useful area to almost zero. “Velvet season” is a panel with a size of 1200×580 mm, made of two layers of heat-resistant electrical insulation film with heating elements placed between them. The total thickness of the thermal module makes it possible to roll the Velvet Season in a 65 mm diameter roll during transportation and storage. Heaters are certified for compliance with EEU and EU regulations.

For more information visit our website http://spmash.ru/en/

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    104 Kutuzova str., Vladikavkaz, RNO-Alania, Russian Federation, 362007
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