Rokos JSC

Rokos JSC
Production of tables and chairs from the solid beech
About company

The furniture factory “ROKOS” was founded in 1994 on the basis of the former giant furniture industry of the USSR company “Kazbek” in Vladikavkaz. Initially, the priority area of the factory was the production of wooden windows. Gradually, the company switched to the manufacture of furniture and interior items from valuable wood species, such as oak, beech, cherry and ash.

Since 2007, in order to develop new technologies, open new markets and improve the quality of products, a joint Russian-Italian enterprise was created on the basis of our company. Modern German and Italian equipment was purchased, Italian technologists and designers were hired. Italian and German companies were not chosen as partners by chance, because these countries are rightfully considered the best representatives of the furniture industry.

Today, ROKOS furniture factory has full-cycle wood processing technologies, from logging to the production of finished products. In 2011, 32.000 hectares of beech forest were leased for 49 years, which allowed controlling the quality of wood since the growth of the tree, selecting the best for the production of furniture from the solid beech . Undoubtedly, this allows for the serial production of a large volume of tables and chairs.

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Company details
  • ITN:  1504032451
  • Tax Registration Reason Code:  151601001
  • BIC:  040702615
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  • Address:
    1 Zashitnikov Otechestva str., Vladikavkaz, RNO-Alania, Russian Federation, 362026
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