«Buhardon» LLC

«Buhardon» LLC
The company produces mineral water and soft drinks.
About company

Our company produces mineral water and soft drinks.

BuharDon company produces under the BuharDon brand and the customer’s STM, both for the domestic market and for export. Geography of distribution of BuharDon products: Germany, Moldova, Moscow, Adygea, Amur Region, Krasnodar Region, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Rostov Region, Saratov Region, RSO-Alania.

Mineral water was named in memory of the head of the Dzioyev family – Buhara, and “Don” means “water” (“BuharDon”), which means “Water of Bukhara” in Ossetian. The well from which mineral water is extracted was developed in 2003. The depth of the well is 250m in the village of Zamankul, where the production site of BuharDon LLC is located.

For more information visit our website https://buhardon.ru/en/main/

Company details
  • ITN:  1511012738
  • Tax Registration Reason Code:  151101001
  • BIC:  040702615
  • Рас.счет: 
  • Address:
    21 Dzusova str., Pravoberejniy district, RNO-Alania, Russian Federation, 362026
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